Matt Dallas: Hot or Not?

Matt Dallas is the actor who plays Kyle on the sci fi show Kyle XY.  I like that show, maybe because I just watch a lot of sci fi and the premise seems familiar to me, but I like how they have the whole teenage soap opera thing thrown in there, too. It’s a lot like Roswell, in that way.  But the way Dallas portrays Kyle on the show always leaves me giggling and doing bad narrative impressions through the whole show.

Arriving at the trendy Bardot lounge in West Hollywood. Dallas just finished shooting on the movie “As Good As Dead”, in which he stars alongside Andie MacDowell and Cary Elwes.

So, yeah.  He’s hot in my book. I could take or leave the round specs.  One thing’s for sure: he definitely looks older than seventeen, his character’s age on Kyle XY.  What do you guys think?

Photos: Pacific Coast News

One comment

  1. Definitely hot! *swoons* But more importantly a great person to get to know.

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