Ladies, This Chicken Will Get Your Man So Hot, He’ll Propose Marriage..a.k.a. Engagement Chicken

On today’s episode of The Today Show, the a.m. gabbers reveled in the makings of a famous and presumably erotic Engagement Chicken. (Wow, those are two words I never thought I’d put together.) Published in Glamour and tweaked from a previous recipe, this new and improved version has bona fide results. That’s right girls, 33 readers wrote in to confirm the happy news.

Or perhaps if you don’t care about the chicken and just want to be a little bothered by how giddy and ravenous Kathy Lee gets over an alternate version, you’ve got to check this video out. I however, need a some brain bleach after the image of KL and drippy chicken juice has been stamped on my soul.

“A roast chicken with lemons that will provoke, cause, encourage, your boyfriend to ask you to marry him”

Psst, hey lady, will you pay for my dinner if he doesn’t? I’d like to know if there are companion recipes for which to compile a dinner party. That would be fun. How about a Messy Divorce and You Take the Damn House Cheese Plate? Excuse me but could you pass the Child Support Mac & Cheese please? Oh yes Mother, the Unexpected Pregnancy Casserole is to die for!


  1. I’m pretty sure nothing I did would make Nathan propose to me!

  2. How about Cut Your Hair and Get a Job or Move Out Casserole?

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