Kristi Yamaguchi’s Unfair Win on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Kristi Yamaguchi

Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas won last night’s finale of Dancing with the Stars, and it was the first time since the first season that a woman has won. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the deck was stacked in her favor! I mean, she’s a professional figure skater. If she can dance on on ice, then surely dancing without skates is child’s play!

“I think I did good,” Yamaguchi, who practiced eight-hours-a-day for four weeks, told backstage.

“Not knowing how you are going to feel and how the first dance is going to go … it was just terrifying!” she added.

Look who her competition was…Adam Carolla, Penn Jillette, Steve Guttenberg? Like any of those guys are supposed to be able to out-samba Kristi? Just seems a little fishy to me. Your thoughts?


  1. it is unfair to describe kristi’s win as unfair. anybody who has eyes and has a real sense of beauty in dancing will not have to think twice…kristi deserved to win the title!!! you have seen the performance and i know that you are not blind!

  2. Kristi was invited to dance on dwts and accepted, she did great and she WON !!! how hard is that to digest? Those that think that it was unfair should write ABC, voted against her, or let it keep bothering you! We do understand how you feel, because trust us when we say if cristian and cheryl would have won, we would be saying how we hate that they won and how his injury was such a big fake….

  3. Ice dancers would have a real advantage in ballroom dancing. However, Kristi is an individual figure skater where the emphasis in the past two decades has been on the triple jumps. Kristi had a bit of ballet training as a kid but that’s it. I’m sure there are many figure skaters who would not be able to develop skills in ballroom dancing. Pairs skater Jenni Meno demonstrated that on a different reality show. Also, most people don’t know that Kristi has a tremendous work ethic and worked her you-know-what off on this show.

  4. Speaking from experience, being a champion ice skater and being a award-winning ballroom dancer are two completely different things. Moves that look similar both on and off the ice are not executed in the same fashion. Like Kristi mentioned in one of her interviews, she never really had to pay attention to the position of her feet…this much is true because when you skate, your feet just go, the most you have to worry about is whether or not your toes are pointed on an extension or jump. With dancing, not only do you have to worry about pointing, but you have to worry about the steps too. Kristi definitely deserved to win this one, she put a ton of effort into it (as did all the finalists), and if you saw the last few weeks of competition, they were insanely competitive. So its not as though she was just handed the title from the get-go.

  5. I agree that Kristi had an unfair advantage.. good for you for speaking out! Yes, she was ultimately a better dancer than the others.. but the other competitors should be on the same level when they start. Having a background in skating on ice makes her above the rest at the very start.. The whole show was a joke this season.

  6. I just love to do ballroom dancing specially during my free times. dancing is my passion..`-

  7. In ballroom dancing, my favorite dance is Rumba and the Flamenco.:`~

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