Kim Kardashian gets Jessica Alba Baby Gift from her Own Store

Kim Kardashian

Jessica Alba recently had a baby shower, and instead of going and buying something off the registry like everyone else, Kim Kardashian just grabbed some stuff from her own store, Smooch, shoved it in a bag, and went on her way!

I want to defend Kim and say that she thought products she designed herself would be a more personal and better gift than anything she could find in the store, but to me it seems like a bad marketing/publicity stunt and an easy way to get some cheap advertising!

I wonder what Jessica’s baby, rumored to be named “Honor”, will think?

Photo: INFdaily


  1. Awww so sweet of Kim! I watch her show frequently enough to realize that. She always does nice things for her friends and fam. Like, when she helped her lil bro out on trip to India when his girlfriend was out there.

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