Joel Plaskett Emergency: ‘Scrappy Happiness’ Review

A Gravy and Biscuits Micro Review
Artist: Joel Plaskett Emergency
Album: Scrappy Happiness

Joel Plaskett, a musician and producer from Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada, has been a prominent member of the Canadian music scene for the upwards of twenty years. Scrappy Happiness is his fourth LP with his band Emergency, and was written over the course of ten weeks, with one track released each week until March 27, 2012. It features some signature Plaskett, classically East Coast indie rock songs. Plaskett’s songwriting really shines through on each track, as do his amazing producing abilities, where on some tracks you can hear distorted guitar going beautifully alongside mandolin. My personal favorite track on the album is “Northstar”. This song is overflowing with great melodies, fantastic guitar licks, and of course, phenomenal lyrical styling. All in all this entire album is really fun, good listen that provides a good taste of what Canadian music sounds like.

Written by Isaac Mason

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