Jennifer Love Hewitt Looks Horrible! (Photos)


Jennifer Love Hewitt may be the “girl from TV”, and her body may be “a wonderland”, but I really doubt that anyone is writing any songs about her lately! She used to be so gorgeous, the Hollywood “it” girl, but now she looks awful! And being photographed at a Toluca Lake, CA liquor store doesn’t help.

What happened to you, girl? Don’t you know when you break up with someone, you make sure to be seen in public looking as fabulous as possible? Greasy hair, baggy clothes, and no makeup don’t really make anyone envious.  Get yourself to a stylist and get yourself some false lashes and a push-up bra!

More fightening pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt about to get her drink on below.

Photos: Fame Pictures

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  1. Jebbica, you know good and well there are 50 million men that would do her if she looked worse than this. Not me of course. I’m principled. :P

  2. I forgot to mention what I’m basing my argument on. Remember those images you posted of street hoes? If guys will do them, they’ll do JLH.

    • That’s just what she reminds me of in these photos…one of those Chattanooga prostitutes! So, maybe with a little lipstick, the hookers might not actually look that bad, either…. :lol:

  3. It’s like we used to say in the Navy – “Beauty is just a light switch away.” (or was it “It’s not gay if you’re underway.”? – I forget). Anyhow, she’s hot 99% of the time, so I’d cut her a little slack, particularly since she’s got her tongue stuck out in such a seductive manner.

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