Jebbica’s Corner: Great Buy of the Day

Cherries Laptop Bag

I love shopping as much as the next girl, but I’m also thrifty (read: cheap), and for some reason, things just mean more to me when I don’t have to donate plasma to afford them.

So, I figured, why not start a portion on this site where I share some of my buys and pass on the savings?

So, my first great buy for Gravy and Biscuits is this little laptop/messenger bag I got at the Claire‘s Outlet. I paid a whopping $12 for it! Others like it go for $60 and up, so I think I did okay! It’s a lot smaller than my last laptop bag, and it’s just big enough for my HP tablet laptop PC.

HP LaptopHP Laptop 2

So if you have something tiny like that or a Macbook Air, it’s perfect! And if you don’t, it’s still a really cute bag.

What do you think? Did I hit the lottery, or did I get ripped off?


  1. Yeah it looks like you found a deal.
    I like this idea Jessica. I too like spending a lot less money for an item that my neighbor may have bought for 4x the price that I did. I want to throw this out there for your readers that the department store Marshalls really works for me. They have designer named products usually marked at around 50% of the suggested retail price. I purchased a Kenneth Cole Reaction laptop bag for like $40 and the SRP was closer to $100. My favorite thing is when they run a clearance sale on merchandise because then the savings are ridiculous. I get most of my clothes from there. I recently purchased a couple of suits (a black one and a pinstriped one) I believe they were Pierre Cardin each for $100 and the guys out there know that these suits go for like $350. Polo style shirts and Docker style pants (which are my required dress code at work) are a plenty at great savings. Why spend $50 on a pair of pants when you can get them for $20 or less. I think Marshalls is in most states. Second runner up is Kohls. Again if you can catch their Fathers Day Sale which is coming soon you’ll find deals at or better than 50%.

  2. I agree! We shop at Marshall’s every now and then, but we’re so cheap that sometimes, even that place is too expensive! Our favorites are Rugged Warehouse (I think they’re scattered around the Southeast), and Ross’ is a lot like Marshall’s but cheaper, and it’s pretty hit or miss. I also love Steve & Barry’s…they have NICE clothes and everything in there is $8.98! You can get a fantastic peacoat for $8.98, or a pair of socks for $8.98. So that’s where they get you, by overcharging for the things that should be like $2, but if you know what you’re doing it’s practically like getting it for free! And outlet malls rock too. Thanks for sharing, Mike!

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