My Indie Life: Fun Indie Music Show Without Pretense

There is an awesome show out of Chicago called My Indie Life, which is part of a site called Maybe Hip.  The show features a guy named Rob Silver and a girl named Lexi Scherr, and each week they pretty much just sit on their couch and chat about exciting new indie music from bands that should be famous.

“My Indie Life” (which has been completely re-vamped from the previous version of the show), highlights rising musicians with a focus on involving users of the online music community.  Each episode is constructed around fan comments, fan vlogs, and fan-made music videos.  The show combines elements of VH1’s “Pop Up Video” and MTV’s “TRL”, except with much more fan involvement

The thing I like most about these guys is their watchability.  If you start watching their YouTube channel and have it set up so that one video will play right after the next, it’s hard to tear yourself away.  I think the main reason for this is, Rob and Lexi just seem so darn likable, and they have really good taste in music.  They remind me a lot of the people who write for this website, people who can appreciate good music without being total pretentious snobs about it!  They, like us, seem to be into good music for the sake of the music, not because of what the person is wearing, or how many people like them, or whatever.  And that makes them okay in my book!  My Indie Life airs every Tuesday.  Check them out!

Maybe Hip Website

Maybe Hip YouTube Channel

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