The Junch

Growing up in LA, the Mexican-Japanese-American indie hip hop artist The Junch was able to freely play on either side of the Asian vs Hispanic lunchtime basketball matches. Now a rapper in NYC, The Junch can still freely navigate between two worlds: both the freestyle cyphers and the singer/songwriter open mic nights.

Steering free of the bling and blau cliches, The Junch spits lyrics that roam freely across the great plains that make up real life for most people. Inspired by the rhythmic plain-talk flow of Masta Ace, the earnest playfulness of Q-Tip and random quirkiness of Kool Keith, the Junch may express himself through an old school flow but his words are timeless. As long as girls break hearts, dreams are worth fighting for, and smiles warm the coldest hearts, The Junch will have something to say about it.

The Junch: “Three Birds” Video:

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