J Mascis: Several Shades of Why Review

Artist: J Mascis
Album: Several Shades of Why
Label: Sub Pop

J Masics, most widely known as the former frontman of the ever popular indie alternative group Dinosaur Jr., makes a dent in your collection with his fourth solo album, Several Shades Of Why.

Several Shades, while being more subdued with acoustic stylings, proves that classic Mascis is in the house with the collective emphasis being more on his stylistic songwriting. Typical Mascis arrangements are most prevalent in “Is it Done”, “Not Enough”, and “Where are You”.

“What Happened” and “Too Deep” resonate somber notes, while the introspective “Very Nervous and Love” bring back feelings of wallowing in a highschool break up. The guitar on Several Shades is reminiscient of Rod Stewart circa “Maggie May”–a light and playful tone–while overall the album brings back the days of safety pins and Converse All-Stars…the coolest music in the neighborhood.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Written by Holly Miller-Carufel

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