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Everyone is asking, who are indie rockers Arcade Fire? We at Gravy and Biscuits have the answer. Yes, they won a Grammy in 2011 for Album of the Year, and many people were upset that the honor didn’t go to Eminem or Lady Gaga. But, if you’ve heard The Suburbs, you’d know that Arcade Fire are more than just some obscure band. They are epic.

Arcade Fire hail from Montreal, Canada. Led by frontman Win Butler, the band is a revolving door of members and has included at least eleven people. They have won critical acclaim for their albums Funeral, Neon Bible, and The Suburbs.
Arcade Fire is currently signed to Rough Trade Records.
Arcade Fire: “The Suburbs” Video HD

Arcade Fire, in addition to being brilliant and sort of like the Canadian Radiohead (or “Canadiohead”, as I call them), are known for having lots of instruments in their ensemble and innovative videos, such as their interactive video for “We Used to Wait“, which features your very own home town, thanks to Google Maps!

So, now you know a little bit more about who Arcade Fire is. If you didn’t already, you should most definitely add them to your music library.


Funeral (2004)
Neon Bible (2007)
The Suburbs (2010)

Tour Dates:

Arcade Fire 2011 Tour Dates


Arcade Fire Win Album of the Year at 2011 Grammys

Arcade Fire Pledge Support to Haitian Initiative KANPE

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