31Knots is an indie rock band from Portland, Oregon. They are signed to Polyvinyl Records. Band members include Joe Haege, Jay Winebrenner, and Jay Pellicci.

31Knots Albums:

Algut Allbrain (1996)
Climax / Anti-Climax (2000)
The Rehearsal Dinner (2002)
A Word Is Also a Picture of a Word (2002)
It Was High Time To Escape (2003)
The Curse of the Longest Day (2004)
Talk Like Blood (2005)
Polemics EP (2006)
The Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere (2007)
Worried Well (2008)
Trump Harm (2011)

31Knots News:

31Knots: Trump Harm Review

31Knots: “Compass Commands” Video:

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