Heidi and Spencer Not Invited to ‘Hills’ After Party Again!

Lauren Conrad

The Hills season finale was last night, but Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt weren’t invited to the after party!  I keep reading about how they never get invited, which just seems odd, considering they are always there and it seems like the only reason people even watch the show is to see what douchiness is going to ensue on Spencer’s behalf next!

Heidi’s rep had this to say about their absence: “Not invited.”

Burn!  You know, you’d think if MTV was going to treat them that way, Heidi and Spencer would have a little more dignity than to keep appearing on their show!  But, I guess then they would be out of a job.  And all of this because Heidi and Lauren Conrad can’t get along? Grow up, people!

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  1. Lauren is becoming the new Heidi! They should bring Kristen cavalerri on this show! needs more drama :)

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