Who the Heck is James Holzier?!


There’s no getting around it. James Holzier is a star on the rise, one who keeps girls and boys on the Internet all aflutter. Certified as the No. 1 searched guy on MenCelebs.com, written up in magazines and Web sites, and buzzed about on such television shows as Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, Holzier attracts the kind of attention other young actors only dream about.

Recently in an interview for the Canada based celebrity site TEN Gossip, James opened up and expressed about his growing popularity.
“I am so grateful for the fans. I really am. Honestly, I can never tell you how much that means to me or because of that how important that is. It is ALL about them. Like all about them. I wouldn’t be where I was if it wasn’t for them. All I know is all my decisions I make and doing this film and everything going on is because and to them. I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t deal with the popularity I just be myself…and everything else is just gratefulness. I love them!!”

All Movie Guide, which is known as  AMG globally, recently called James Holzier one of the most popular male celebrities emerging.

Maybe it is his growing appeal and background that is resonating to fans. Not just a pretty face, Holzier is deeper. He is an inspiring individual. It all comes back to that destiny thing. His life has been marked by so many unusual occurrences, you can’t help but feel he’s on to something.

You haven’t heard of James? That’s about to change. James has signed a three-picture deal, reported by MSNBC in March of this year 2009. In which James will portray the lead in all three of the films. Filming for Live for Us, scheduled in early 2010. Casting is currently under way.

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