Gravy and Biscuits Voxhaul Broadcast Super Giveaway

Gravy and Biscuits Voxhaul Broadcast Super Giveaway

We are excited to announce that in conjunction with the launching of our new site, we are doing a super giveaway! Thanks to indie band Voxhaul Broadcast and Cornerstone Promotion, we are giving away two tickets to see Voxhaul Broadcast with Rooney and Skybombers at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta on April 22, 2011. But wait, there’s more!


2 Tickets to see Voxhaul Broadcast and Rooney at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta April 22, 2011

Paid pre-show dinner at Elmyr Restaurant & Cantina in Atlanta with Nathan and Jebbica from Gravy and Biscuits (alcohol not included)

Gravy and Biscuits T-Shirt

Gravy and Biscuits Stickers

Digital copy of Timing is Everything, by Voxhaul Broadcast

A possible secret surprise


Digital copy of Timing is Everything, by Voxhaul Broadcast


A Free mp3 Download of “Leaving on the 5th” by Voxhaul Broadcast (“save link as” to download)


Check out the video below and leave a comment about what you think of Voxhaul Broadcast, why you would like to win these tickets, and/or what you would do if you met Nathan and Jebbica.


Leave extra comments after doing each of the following:

“Like” the Gravy and Biscuits Facebook Page (See Sidebar)

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Friend Voxhaul Broadcast on Facebook (

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Contest will end at 11:59 pm on April 17, and winner will be announced on Monday, April 18. Good luck!


Voxhaul Broadcast Website

[itunes link="" title="Timing is Everything on iTunes" text="Timing is Everything on iTunes"]

We are also giving away a vinyl copy of the Hanna Soundtrack by Chemical Brothers. Click here to enter!


  1. OOO! Pick me! Pick me! I wanta go see them. I had never heard of them until now, but It’s a style of music that I totally dig, Dylan is off work for a 3 day weekend on the 22nd, and I think we would have a great time!
    ( =
    Maybe we’ll win.

  2. pick me !!!! never heard of them either til now but i like it , i so need a fun break for a couple of days , i work 24-7 and hey if i win ill take Dylan and Emily along lol !!!

  3. tweet ( =

  4. shared with my FB crew.

  5. This is Michael, I wrote a post that said Hi, but I didn’t leave my email address, so if I where to win, nobody could contact me.

  6. Like Voxhaul broadcast on Fb. ( =

  7. following G&B on twitter

  8. I LOVE Rooney, and I would just LOVE to meet Jessica and Nathan. I can’t imagine anything better than meeting these two wonderful people! Also, this video was awesome and totally the kind of music I like.
    PLEASE CONSIDER ME!!!!!!! ;)

  9. (Insert witty comment on why I should be picked here) <<< For real, though. I never win anything and music is my life.

  10. I used to have a rocking horse that my parents had to bolt down to the floor because I was so violent when rocking on it. haha

    Used to live like a mile from Variety Playhouse… awesome place

    If I can meet Jebbica and Nathan, I will do the dougie

  11. Wow! This video is amazing! I have loved this band for a while, and to meet them is a true dream of mine. Please make my dreams come true!
    Also, meeting Jebbica and Nathan would be such an honor.
    Please consider me. It would be such a wonderful experience. I love this type of music, all of these bands, food, and Jebbica.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity!!! :)

    • Thanks, and good luck!

      For the record, dinner will be at Elmyr Restaurant and Cantina, right next door to Variety Playhouse. I will be getting a BBQ Chicken burrito, of which I will eat about 1/4 because the sucker is HUGE, then will put the rest in my car, which should be smelling nicely by the end of the concert. :)

  12. I think I should win. I could really use a free meal.

  13. I think I should win. I could really use a free meal.

  14. I could really use a clean T-shirt.

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