G&B October 2010 Free Mix Tape: Halloween Edition

It’s that time again, time for us to compile another free mix tape!  Since this one is for all your Halloween parties, I had a hard time coming up with only 12.  So, how about 34 instead?  That’s right, there are 34 tracks on this month’s tape, so many that I had to break it up into two parts.  And I know, I know, I still left out some really good ones.  But hopefully there’s a little something in there for all our readers.  And now your party will be a little cooler.  You’re welcome. 🙂

* UPDATE: I just found out that there were some issues with Disc One. That issue has hopefully been amended for your enjoyment! Unfortunately, I had to break it into two parts.*

Disc One:

1. Michael Jackson–Thriller
2. DeadMau5–Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff
3. Rihanna–Disturbia
4. Mysto & Pizzy–Somebody’s Watching Me
5. Tegan and Sarah–Walking with a Ghost
6. Blue Oyster Cult–Don’t Fear the Reaper
7. Rocky Horror Picture Show–Time Warp
8. Broken Bells–The Ghost Inside
9. The Decemberists–The Rake Song
10. Smashing Pumpkins–Bullet with Butterfly Wings
11. RadioheadWe Suck Young Blood (Your Time is Up)
12. St. Vincent–Laughing with a Mouth of Blood
13. Bloc Party–Hunting for Witches
14. Gnarls Barkley–Boogie Monster
15. Sufjan Stevens–They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back from the Dead!! Ahhhh!

Click Here to Download part One and part Two

Disc Two:

16. Talking Heads–Psycho Killer
17. Oingo Boingo–Dead Man’s Party
18. Echo and the Bunnymen–The Killing Moon
19. Tears for Fears–Mad World
20. Tom Waits–Cemetery Polka
21. Horrorpops–Ghouls
22. The Ramones–Pet Semetary
23. The Cramps–Human Fly
24. They Might Be Giants–Dig My Grave
25. Nekromantix–Life is a Grave and I Dig It!
26. Klaus Nomi–Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead
27. Ghost Busters Theme Song
28. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince–Nightmare on My Street
29. Nightmare Before Christmas–Jack the Pumpkin King
30. Warren Zevon–Werewolves of London
31. Steve Miller Band–Abracadabra
32. ELO–Evil Woman
33. Violent Femmes–Country Death Song
34. Johnny Cash–Ain’t No Grave

Click Here to Download Disc Two

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  1. The smashing pumkins song is titled “Bullet with butterfly wings” just saying..

  2. Hey, I can download the first disk, but I can’t get it to unarchive…help?

  3. The issue with Disc One has now been fixed!

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