Funeral Party: ‘The Golden Age of Knowhere’ Review

Artist: Funeral Party
Album: The Golden Age of Knowhere
Label: Sony Music/RCA/Jive

One might think a band named Funeral Party would be a gloom and doom band with a legion of wristcutters as their fanbase. Although their band name may be taken from a song title by 1980’s goth alternative supergroup The Cure, Funeral Party’s newest release, The Golden Age of Nowhere, is sure to find fans from all over the music scene, including skate punks, emo kids, and hipsters alike.

The band hails from California and is made up of James Torres on guitar, Kimo Kauhola on bass, Tim Madrid on drums and Chad Elliots on vox and keyboard. The Golden Age of Knowhere has finally met its release after a long two years of label issues.

Funeral Party carries out their fun and fresh reputation among the music scene with their hard and fast track “New York Moves to the Sound Of L.A.” The song rides on spacey guitars, heavy percussion and deep punchy bass lines with the beating of a cowbell to keep the frantic pace going. This song is more than likely going to be found everywhere from playing in trendy teen clothing stores to laying the soundtrack for a hip night out on the town with scenesters. It has a rhythmic danceable party anthem quality to it that never gets old.

Up tempo “Finale” features solid infectious basslines with punky percussion and Cure-influenced keyboards. The band takes you on a journey that ends with the band and audience chanting in unison “we are the voices under the tracks/drawing you forward, pushing you back” making this song fun and impossible not to join in and sing along.

Overall, The Golden Age of Knowhere is a great album for listening to while getting ready to go out on the town with friends. While a few tracks on the album are high energy and are destined to be fan favorites, there are a few tracks that lose momentum and start to meld into eachother, possibly losing the listener’s interest along the way.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Written by Holly Miller-Carufel

[itunes link=”″ title=”Funeral_Party-The_Golden_Age_of_Knowhere_(Album)” text=”The Golden Age of Knowhere on iTunes”] The Golden Age Of Knowhere on Amazon

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