Foxy Shazam: ‘Foxy Shazam’ Album Review

I’m going to sum up the self-titled album from Foxy Shazam, as well as this band itself, with one word: Fun. I had the privilege of seeing them live recently as the opening band for an underwhelming Hole. Having never heard of them before that night, I was a little intrigued by their front man, Eric Sean Nally, who looked like a young Weird Al Yankovich.  After a forty-five minute set that never let up, including the singer lighting and consuming five cigarettes at once, to the keyboardist playing upside down, I was hooked.

I picked up [itunes link="" title="Foxy Shazam" text="Foxy Shazam"] a few days later, and immediately loved it. This is an album that sounds just as good as the live version. It opens with the singer howling with a bunch of dogs, which I’m sure are Nally’s band mates, and keeps rocking till the end. This is a mish-mash of classic rock, with throwbacks to the seventies till now. In a time of auto-tuning and cookie cutter bands, you can feel the emotion in Eric’s voice.

One song in particular, “Unstoppable”, would make you swear you were listening to Queen‘s Freddie Mercury. This is an album that demands you pump your fist and sing along as loudly as possible. Another track, “Oh Lord”, was Eric’s favorite song during the concert, as he demanded it be played twice in a row. Every song seems to get more and more epic as you go along.

I almost can’t recommend certain songs, because the entire album deserves a straight-through listen at least a couple times, and at just under fifty four minutes, it’s a great ride. With awesome drums, an amazing keyboardist, and even a trumpet player, this band has something for anyone who loves to rock!

Foxy Shazam: Foxy Shazam on Amazon

[itunes link="" title="Foxy Shazam" text="Foxy Shazam"] on iTunes

Download these: “[itunes link="" title="Unstoppable" text="Unstoppable"]”, “[itunes link="" title="Oh Lord" text="Oh Lord"]”, “[itunes link="" title="Bombs Away" text="Bombs Away"]” or the entire album!

By: Joey Esquivel

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