Foo Fighters: ‘Wasting Light’ Review

Artist: Foo Fighters
Album: Wasting Light
Label: RCA

Finding a great rock album among the sea of space oddity costumes, country tartlets and electronically altered hip hip vocals is like trying to find a diamond in the rough. Luckily for those of us who appreciate heavily laden guitars riffs, super powered basslines and drums that are aimed to destroy, we have found this years crowned jewel. The Foo Fighters have released their 7th full length album, Wasting Light, without wasting any energy or talent. With the album cover begging the listener to “listen at maximum volume” it’s difficult not to do so…Wasting Light is in top rankings with their classic 1997 release The Colour and the Shape, demanding to be played loud and hard.

The Foos have more than a few great things working for them with this album. First off, the album was produced by one of the alternative nation’s top producers, Butch Vig, who has also produced albums by Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Garbage and Smashing Pumpkins. Butch knows how to produce a powerful hard hitting album while keeping it in a comfortable zone for fans who fear a new album won’t live up to their favorite bands’ reputations. Second, although guitarist Pat Smear (Nirvana and The Germs) has worked with the Foos since 2006, he is now a full fledged member, bringing his pounding gutitar riffs and deep melodies to the table in a way that Foo fans has craved since the days of flannel and scuffed Doc Martens. Third, Wasting Light was recorded in Dave Grohl’s garage, allowing for a more introspective and personal experience. The biggest bonus of all…this album is all killer and no filler.

“These Days” and “Back and Forth” are sure to be the favorites with fans singing along at festivals and concerts. “Miss the Misery” shows some influence by Them Crooked Vultures and is as worthy as “Everlong” in the ballad category. “Arlandria” will keep you coming back for more after you are punished by the punch of its heavy guitar the first time you turn it up.

In the days of crossover pop, hip hop and country, Wasting Light is a more than welcoming resurgence back into the days of rock. Thank You Foo Fighters!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Written by Holly Miller-Carufel

[itunes link=”″ title=”Wasting Light on iTunes” text=”Wasting Light on iTunes”] Wasting Light on Amazon

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