First Page Six, and Now Jezebel?

New Jezebel

Where the heck are we supposed to get all of our snarky, smarmy gossip news from?  I was so sad to see that Page Six had kicked the bucket, and now Jezebel is “nicing it up”?  Bleck.  Next you’re going to tell me that Dlisted isn’t going to write about butt sex anymore.

Gawker’s Nick Denton has sold Jezebel, their women’s site, to Conde Nast.

The short of it is that we’re entering an advertising recession, and the internet will, whatever the wishful thinkers believe, not be immune. Rupert Murdoch’s closure of Page Six website is harbinger of the tough times to come. All web publishers will have to make hard choices about the properties they’ve launched during the good years.

At Gawker Media, we’re determined to make those choices sooner rather than later, putting sentiment to one side. Already in 2006, we sold or shuttered three sites—Oddjack, Screenhead and Sploid—that either weren’t performing or didn’t fit the rest of our portfolio. The internet boom, even then, seemed unsustainable. We told the New York Times then we were “hunkering down.” That wasn’t the last of it; nor can I say that the disposal of Jezebel will be the end of this rationalization.

Since TMZ is super-obnoxious, Perez sold out long ago, and Just Jared is just boring, here are a couple of other sites that are still holding true to their snarky goodness, besides Gravy and Biscuits of course!:


The Superficial

What Would Tyler Durden Do

Evil Beet Gossip

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  1. *sigh* Just Jared used to be my favorite!!!

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