The Famous: ‘Come Home to Me’ Album Review

You know when you’re in the mood for, well…more? Loaded up with all your favorite songs and artists, you’re still left wanting. We all know you can’t trust the radio for anything more substantial than bubble gum, so you’re left trying to fill some musical craving that never seems to fade.

I wholeheartedly suggest you dive into the world of The Famous. Their newest album Come Home to Me is full of lush, full sounds. Obviously well-rounded musicians, these guys don’t mess around. Self described as “a shot of classic country with a post punk chaser”. Really, I couldn’t agree more.

Each song on this record has some rich quality to it. The classic country licks meshed with some gritty indie-rock, deep bluesy feeling, old western overtones, surf rock, crisp clean guitar, grungy dark distorted guitar…these guys rock all of it.

Each song is unique to its brothers in style and sound. Some are dark, others up beat and fun, there’s even one that seems entirely quirky, but all of them are wonderfully written and mixed. The Famous doesn’t stick to just one sound that they feel works for them. You can feel their experimentation and love of musical roots. I kept trying to think of who lead singer Laurence Scott reminded me of and it basically boils down to this: depending on the song he reminds me of Rick Miller and John Flansburg, with his own uniqueness shining through. Of course, then they threw a curve ball and handed the mic over to Victor Barley whose Lead Belly/Nick Cave-y, gritty dark vocals balances out the more light almost wistful stylings of Scott.

The title song “Come Home to Me” literally sent chills down my spine with its dirty, gritty blues style opening. The first song “Off My Mind” cought my attention right away with its opening and kept me interested, while third track “Without You” should become the anthem of all souls suffering from a recent break up. I’m also impressed that they ended the album with an instrumental “Under the stars”. They’ve given you quite a ride through the entirety of the album and now offer you a chance to let your mind wonder and enjoy pure music. Scott, along with bandmates Victor Barclay (Guitar/Vocals), G.D. Hensley (bass), and Chris Fruhauf (drums), have truly created something completely inspiring.

And hey, if you don’t agree, it’s all gravy, baby.  –Written by Lindsey Pickett

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