Ethan Hawke Marries Homewrecker Nanny

Ethan Hawke and homewrecker nanny Ryan Shawhughes were married three weeks ago in New York. Three weeks ago?! Apparently, no one cared enough to write about this story when it happened. Maybe because Ethan Hawke is a scumbag and Ryan is a hoochie who is okay with taking someone’s hubby away from them while babysitting their children. Ryan is also preggers with Ethan’s baby. The two will probably hire a hot nanny who will in turn get knocked up by Ethan. Karma!

Ex-wife Uma Thurman, however, doesn’t seem to be hurting too much. She recently got engaged to multimillionaire Arpad “Arki” Busson, something people did care about enough to make the news.

Did I mention I hate homewreckers and cheating bastards?

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One comment

  1. Words hurt… Uma also wrecked home when married witn Gary Oldman. Do you remember? Give Ethan a break.

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