Cindy McCain Affair with Joe Six Pack?

Rumors are abound thanks to National Enquirer that Cindy McCain is having a lurid affair with an unnamed man with long hair and have been spotted together at various concerts and festivals.  The proof we have been provided with is a grainy and low quality picture (see above)  of “Cindy McCain” making out with Joe Six Pack, and isn’t it cute that they are wearing matching flannel (I think)?  I wouldn’t bank on this being true, because I can’t imagine Cindy McCain running around in a flannel shirt unless it had Gucci, or Armani written all over it and it was fashionable, but who knows maybe she was trying to blend in with the regulars?

If this somehow is true, John McCain will be one really sad Grandpa.

2 Responses to Cindy McCain Affair with Joe Six Pack?

  1. Brad Brown says:

    More importantly, the man she’s making out with is Rick Springfield! It must be a real letdown to go from making sweet love to Rick Springfield to campaigning with John McCain.

  2. Jebbica says:

    I bet Rick is wishing he had Johnny’s girl! Why CAN’T he find a woman like that, anyway?

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