Carrie Underwood Needs to Leave ‘Umbrella’ to Rihanna (Video)

Okay, so I don’t hate this live version of Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban covering Rihanna‘s hit “Umbrella” as much as I thought I would. However, Carrie Underwood should seriously think about not ever dancing. Ever. Keith Urban’s kind of adorable in that heroin addict sort of way, though, so I’ll forgive him…this time!


  1. Anything with Keith singing is awesome… :)

  2. it’s better than the original

  3. carrie underwood can not sing like her omg stay to country.. Underwood is to stuck on herself an wants to copy ppls songs…

  4. Lol if she were stuck on herself, she would REFUSE to copy other people’s songs…ridiculous.

  5. all you guys need to stop talking crap.
    carrie underwood can sing hellp america voted on her.
    look how far she is now. you would never get that far. she can sing get over it
    and shes not copying.
    shes doing to have fun.
    alot of other singers have did that..
    so stop baggging on her.
    and kieth is amaazing.

    so yahh.
    your all retarted

  6. I love Carrie Underwood’s recently released video – Undo It. Unbelievable that she was unheard of just a couple of years ago.

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