Brittany McKey Sullivan, ‘America’s Next Top Model’, Wants to Model in Europe

Isis King may have garnered a lot of attention by being the first transgender ANTM contestant, and then again, when Tyra Banks surprised her with a free sex change operation, but in the end, it was Brittany McKey Sullivan who took home the crowning title.  McKey is a 19-year-old student from Lake Forest, Illinois.

McKey’s America’s Next Top Model win earns her a contract with Elite model management, a spread and cover for Seventeen magazine, and a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl, in case you didn’t hear Tyra mention it at least 30 times already.

Sullivan is already ready to get to work. She thinks her look would fit better in Europe, but she will take work wherever she can get it!

“Ideally, what happens is they send me to Europe – hopefully Paris. I think that’s where my look fits in the best, and I’ve been told I have very European features. And my mother did the sweetest thing and bought me a Papillion dog, which is what I really wanted to travel with me. She’s going to come with me wherever I go so I can take a little bit of home with me. But, if I can work in New York, I’ll go to New York – wherever I can get work I’ll go!”

So, get ready for your close-up as Sheer Cover’s next spokesmodel, car shows, and the Style Network, Brittany!

Check out Brittany’s entire portfolio below.  Did you pick her for the win?

Photos: CW

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