Who is Bret Michaels’ Rock of Love (Bus)?


It’s down to Mindy, the Southern girl-next-door, versus Taya Parker, the Penthouse pinup. Who will Bret Michaels choose? He takes the girls to the Dominican Republic to choose who will be his next Rock of Love.

The obvious choice is Mindy, but Bret chose likable girls in seasons past, and look how that panned out! Jess, the punk hairdresser from Season One, dumped Bret at the reunion, and Ambre, the plain Jane newscaster, decided that she and Bret were better off as friends.  So will the Poison singer find a real stripper to settle down with this time? And to think, he let Daisy de la Hoya go! Thankfully (for us), she will be back on VH1 next week for her own show, Daisy of Love.

Bret takes Mindy out on a date first, and she is having trouble opening up. After he takes her dancing, she opens up vocally, then in other ways.

Next is Taya’s date, which includes ziplining through a forest. After a long talk, Taya insists that she’s not just there to promote Penthouse, and she declines sex with Bret (gasp!).

The next day, the girls get pampered, then it’s time to…try on rings?!  Yes, Bret has asked the girls to pick out potential engagement rings. The winning ring will indicate who is the winning girl.

So, who won Bret’s heart? Find out, along with lots of scandalous photos of Mindy and Taya, after the jump!


It’s…Taya?!  Bret tells Mindy that hopes they will still be friends.  But in the end, it was Taya’s fake breasts that made Bret fall in love!  Wow, I can honestly didn’t say that I saw that coming! Bret claims to be 99% in love with Taya, and so he wants to hold onto the ring until the right place and the right time.  What do you think of Taya being Bret’s Rock of Love?  Wanna start a pool for how long it will last? ;)

Photos: Vh1.com

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  1. Is it me or do they all look stoned? Well, maybe they are… O_O!

    I tried to watch that show in the first season, and it was so weird, but then again, so are all the other reality shows. There was some Pink/Blonde haired chick I liked and he got rid of her… I was like “HOW DARE YOU!!!!!”. If I do watch those shows, I either get really defensive and yell at the TV or I cry. Only because I’m cool like that.

    I think the one on the right should have it, which ever that one is. I have a shirt almost exactly like that… without all the boob filling it in. O_O!

    If I ever were to become famous, I would totally have my own reality “Find Love” show. But it would be for animals. I would be so cute, no?

    Cait Hagar

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