Bibio: ‘Mind Bokeh’ Review

Album: Mind Bokeh
Label: Warp Records
Mind Bokeh,  Bibio’s sixth studio album and third with Warp Records, serves as nothing more than a let down.  Bibio (Stephen Wilkinson) is an English producer known mostly for his experimental and innovative nature.  He describes Mind Bokeh as “a balance of the familiar and non familiar”, and although this may be an accurate portrayal he may underestimate the negative effect the ‘non familiar’ has on the rest of the album.Similarly to Ambivalence Avenue, Mind Bokeh is high in risk, only this time the risks are not favorable.  One quarter of the songs are over six minutes…and it is not a good six minutes.  There is also minimal cohesion or compatibility (see “Take Your Shirt Off”). Most hooks are held back or muddled within the arrangement, as on “Excuses”.

The shorter songs serve as the best vehicles for getting the point across for Bibio.  Tracks “Wake Up!”, “Light Sleep”, and “K Is for Kelson” all come in under four minutes and are arguably save this album from becoming wall art.  Wilkinson, as on Avenue, brings his lyrical styling’s to the forefront…encompassing an aspect of ‘the familiar’.

Wilkisnson’s Bibio project still lacks sustained luster, and though he is undoubtedly a master of sound as well as a risk taker, his miss hit risks may diminish future relevance.  2009’s Ambivalence Avenue was a viewing into what Bibio is capable of, but let’s hope that is not the high watermark for this project.

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆ 

Written by Brandon Bond

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