American Idol: Who is Going Home Tonight?

American Idol Top 10

People on the inside say they have a good idea of who the bottom three of tonight’s American Idol are, and the prospects aren’t looking too good!  Why, oh why, is Kristy Lee Cook getting to hang around?  The girl is terrible, and that rendition of “God Bless the U.S.A.” was uber-cheesy and off-key!

DialIdol which predicts the busy signal of phone calls based on it’s speed dialing program and logarithms give results as the bottom 3 are Ramiele Malubay, Jason Castro and Chikezie Eze. They have David Cook as number 1, David Archuleta as number 2 and Carly Smithson as number 3 of receiving the most votes.

Ramiele can go home for all I care, but Chikezie is mildly entertaining when he’s not doing Luther Vandross covers, and Jason Castro is just too cute.  He’s all like, “whoa! I just smoked a huge bong and I’m gonna sing to you and make funny faces and butcher foreign languages! Duuuddee!”  He probably doesn’t even smoke pot.  But, he does remind me of every stinky person I met at Bonnaroo, and he’s not a great singer by any means, but by George, I like him!

Seriously, though, what’s the obsession with KLC?  Could it be, I don’t know, this?

Kristy Lee Cook and Britney Spears

People who tour/open for Britney Spears…if we haven’t heard of them before Idol, they shouldn’t be on Idol.  I miss Danny Noriega.  So, who should win this thing?  David Cook will sell records as long as he keeps ripping off other rock bands, David Archuleta‘s a great singer but that lip-licking is too much for me, Chikezie and Syesha, blah blah boring R&B bullshit, Brooke White is likable but the record companies would turn her into a monster…Michael Johns is hot but can’t really sing, Carly Smithson is so obnoxious I can’t even stand to look at her, and Jason Castro will eventually be on the festival/tailgate party circuit.  All in all, I just don’t think they have a decent candidate that will be able to hold a record deal.  So, who will be sent home tonight?  I’m not sure, but at this point they’re all looking like losers to me.

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