American Idol San Francisco Auditions: Comprehensive Wrap-Up

idol-logo1In case you missed it, here’s everything (and I mean everything) you could possibly want to know about the San Francisco American Idol Season 8 auditions, courtesy of Idol Mania.

First, a look at who got golden tickets (even when they shouldn’t have), and who were the next William Hungs. GO

Next, digging into some of the people’s lives who were passed to the next round, but did not receive much air time.  Raquel Houghton used to date Dane Cook. And John Twiford is a big ol’ hippie.

Finally, we have audition videos from Adam Lambert, Tatiana Del Toro, Jesus Valenzula, and Kai Kalama.


If you like a little sex with your Idol, you can check out Casey Carlson‘s bikini photos, Katrina Darrell‘s lesbian n55796619880_3044photos, or Tatiana Del Toro‘s nude photos.

And just because I like a little  Anoop Dog with all of my recaps, here is Anoop Desai with the UNC Clef Hangers singing “Angel of Mine”. GO

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  1. Everyone was talking about Tatiana Del Toro and that “Naughty” photo she showed the American Idol judges. I have the photo and the hi-resolution shot as well. There is also a pretty cool little “back story” on Also Magazine. Check it out here.

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