Alex Phillips Myspace Photo Scandal

Alex Phillips

Alex Phillips of LaCrosse County, Wisconsin, is the not so intelligent 17 year old ex-boyfriend of someone known as HLK, has been charged with felony child pornography, defamation, and exploitation of a child for posting sexually explicit photos of his 16 year old ex-girlfriend (HLK) along with lewd comments on his MySpace page. Phillips himself didn’t take the photos his ex-girlfriend did and sent them to his email, his crime comes from the publication of the pictures on MySpace, and further more his intellectual prowess.

A Lacrosse County official had apparently tried to get Phillips to take down the pictures, and Phillips replied “F*ck that, I am keeping them up.” Phillips, now states that he was just venting, and it was stupid for him to have them up in the first place.

This guy might deserve some jail time for his stupidity, though he may not deserve to become a felon because of his antics.

Below are the criminal complaints.

Criminal Complaint 1Criminal Complaint 2


  1. Sure he deserves to be charged with a felony. The moron is a classless boor for doing this, he deserves whatever the law says he does. What a friggin’ idiot.

  2. American teens are retarded. She’s just as at fault for distribution.

  3. Are you kidding me? Child pornography? The little slut took the pictures AND sent them herself. Shouldnt she be the one getting punished? Boys will be boys.

  4. i would like to nominate pooter for ‘the biggest retarded of this site’ .”he deserves whatever law says”.only a retard can say such thing in this situation

  5. the girl is stupid for the pictures
    the guy is stupid for not listeing to the police

    quick question isnt it against the law for the girl to take the pictures? idk so can someone clarify for me please thank you

  6. Bobyhenderson: The clarification is “They never charge girls, only boys.” It’s a holdover from paternalistic “all girls are victims” days, like females being immune to the draft.

    But, also like being immune to the draft, you’ll never hear feminists complain about it. Most hardcore feminisist leaders are fine with straight boys going to jail.

  7. This is all very scary (and, frankly, ridiculous).

    But the fact that the law considers him guilty of child pornography for simply opening here emails is probably the most scary.

    How can one be guilty of posessing child porn by simply opening an email whose contents are unknown to the recipient until the email is opened.

    Talk about entrapment!!!

  8. I Know both of these people
    as two of my closest friends;
    and both are in the wrong.
    i agree; HLK should have been able to trust him
    with the photo’s but as much as they have broken
    up and gotten back together again,
    she should have known better; and he is in the wrong for basically exploiding her nudity to the world. He should’nt be serving
    what they are charging him with though.
    He knew what he did was wrong and im sure
    HLK feels giulty too. SO IVE HEARD.
    she’s sorry. and So is he.

    It’s not over.

  9. What is with the weird hypocritical and twisted morals these americans have? They were both within a year of each other in terms of age. So he posted some pictures of his ex – whoop-de-doo. And this becomes a major event and is such a blasphemy that he should now be imprisoned etc…

    The U.S is mentally ill as a country.

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