ACDC vs. Miley & Mandy Cru Dance Battle at Teen Choice Awards (Video)

This is the closest I could find to a decent video of Monday night’s televised dance battle between ACDC (created by Step Up 2 director Jon M. Chu and actor/dancer Adam G. Sevani) and M&M Cru (created by Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux). According to the audience at the Teen Choice Awards, the M&M Cru won, but I don’t think so! I just wish that ACDC had went for a different song and dance routine than from their second dance battle video. And I love that M&M Cru danced to “Fancy Footwork” by Chromeo. But it’s clear to see that dancing is not really Miley and Mandy’s forte!

Hurry up and check the video before it gets taken down! Hopefully I will find an “official” clip soon!

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  1. I find it ridiculous and a little bit offensive that M&M cru won. Stupid, stupid, stupid. But I am partial to that Step Up 2 group. Ah I love them.

  2. Ok, step back and look at this situation.
    They battled at the Teen choice awards, which Miley Cyrus was hosting.
    Of course, she’s gonna have more fans there then The ACDC.
    So of course, by applause yes she won.
    But by talent and popular vote (mostly on YouTube where this battle started)
    The ACDC totally won that! and I’m not just saying that because “I’m down with The ACDC” I’m saying that because M&M can’t dance.
    I have nothing against Miley Cyrus or her friend but, I think she should stick to singing. She’s much better at it.

    • My everyone one hating for it if you don’t anything good to say well might as well shut up cause you can’t dance don’t be hating Brandi u are a good person peace.

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