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About: Lindsey Pickett is awesome. A mother of two, Lindsey works in an office behind a computer, and is, of course, a great lover of music. Her favorite genres are Indie Rock, Hard Rock, Punk, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Americana, Folk, and Bluegrass. She enjoys punk pop to a degree but finds it a major pet peeve when artists call themselves full-on punk without merit. “Don’t call yourself full on punk unless you REALLY are. Like ‘angry, makes me wanna kick a puppy, take down a governmental entity, and drink a keg of beer’, not ‘life is hard, girls are mean, boys don’t care, my heart is on my sleeve’. Be honest about your music, this goes for any genre,” she expresses.

What does Lindsey look for in music? “FEELING! I want to feel something when I listen to your record. I want pictures to flash across the plain of my imagination. And mostly, I want something I can drive to. I drive a lot. If your record makes it to and from work…then you’re in like sin.”

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Interests and Guilty Pleasures:
Her kids
Discworld Novels (Terry Pratchett is a kindred spirit)
Cats (yeah, she will be the crazy old cat lady someday)
Zombies and other monsters
Chicken and Stars Soup
A wretched addiction to Facebook
Cheesecake (bribes welcome)
Tiny little music venues
Owls, Turtles, and Whales
Rubber ducks (she only owns two, a pirate and a zombie, but man are they cool)
Morning Talk Radio (Lindsey’s a social person, it’s like riding with friends every morning)
The Mountains, rivers, lakes, and other outside rural type places
Thin Mints

Writing Credits:
Enigma Magazine (Chattanooga)
Gravy and Biscuits
Musical turn-offs

“Anything that sounds like Nickleback, music obviously made just to sound cool or be cool…but that has no feeling behind it, overuse of cussing. It doesn’t sound badass to drop an “F” bomb every other lyric, it really just makes me think you don’t have a very large vocabulary and probably don’t need to be writing songs. And most importantly- not being able to tell what song I’m listening to on an album because they are so similar.”

If all of that didn’t scare or offend you, then by all means, please send Lindsey something you think she’ll enjoy enough to share! (or dislike enough to share…)

Send CDs and Press Kits to:
Lindsey Pickett
c/o Gravy and Biscuits
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  1. Hey Lindsey! My name’s Leanne and i’m a 19 year rock/acoustic artist from Norwich. I have my EP ‘Notebook’ up on Facebook, Myspace etc for free streaming and i was wondering if you could have a listen and consider it for a review.
    My links are: – (This has all of the songs on it)

    I started writing music when i was 12 and haven’t stopped! I adore singing, playing and writing and all i want is to be successful perusing my one true love. I am a true metal head though i do write more acoustic songs with the odd heavy one thrown in!
    My heavier songs are rather punchy and grab you by the collar, whereas my acoustic songs show my more quiet side and are very emotional as i state exactly how i feel. I feel at home writing in both of these genres as they aren’t so different really, but i am writing a lot more rock/metal and moving away from the singer/songwriter feel as i get older.
    I hope you enjoy listening to my music and i look forward to hearing from you, hopefully!
    Thanks a lot and take care :D

    Leanne Croft

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