Scrambled Eggs and Sausage Links

Dick Cheney Sunglasses

My boyfriend, Michael Johns, gets kicked off American Idol!–Gabby Babble Elvis lives!–Bitten and Bound Courtney Love’s drug collection (photos)–Dirty Disher Mayer Bloomberg and Tyra Banks are BFFs–Crabbie’s Hollywood Adnan Ghalib and Kathy Griffin get cozy–Anything Hollywood Naked strippers reflected in Dick Cheney’s sunglasses–Bumpshack American Idol puts Jesus back in ‘Shout to the Lord’–Hollywood Crap Clarissa Explains it All about baby ...

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Amy Winehouse and Cindy Crawford: Separated at Birth?!!

Cindy Crawford Amy Winehouse

Cindy Crawford dresses up as Amy Winehouse for Halloween.  Amy Winehouse is currently in the hospital for a chest and lungs infection. Hopefully she will get out and go as Cindy Crawford for Halloween! Seriously though, can you tell who is whom? Don’t forget to check this blog out on your mobile phone, and be sure to come and say ...

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WTF Is Jessica Simpson Wearing?!


Hey, remember that time Joe Simpson sent me a cease and desist because he is a complete moron who can’t handle anything bad written about his baby girls? So, instead of tackling the big boys of blogging who actually have lawyers for this sort of thing, he goes after the little guy, aka me? Joe Simpson tries to sue me ...

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Cute Overload: Send in Your Celebrity Baby Pics!

Tori and Zeke

This is my sister Tori, and my adorable nephew Zeke. Zeke is seventeen months old. Isn’t he the cutest thing in the world? He is such a little lady-killer! Do you have a kid or family member whose photos are just as cute as celebrity babies? Send in your celebrity baby photos and have them featured on this site! Drop ...

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J Lo’s New Fragrance Sunkissed Glow – Doesn’t Really Glow


So even with all the divorce talks going around, the girl from the Bronx, J Lo still has time to promote her newest fragrance, Sunkissed Glow. No, I won't say the fragrance name is ridiculously cheezy, because that's just obvious. But I will say that I hope this **** smells better than her last fragrance flop. I'm not even sure most of you heard about her last fragrance, it was a perfume for men, called Deseo, it was released about three months ago, and that's the last we've heard about it! Anyhow, I won't burst everyone's bubble, take a look at the ads, she's hot as usual.

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Hate Mail of the Week

IT WAS SO NOISY SO I WAS BLOCKING THE SOUND GOSH I HOPE YOU DELETE THIS SLANDER OR I WILL SUE YOU Amy Winehouse, on Are You There Mayo? It’s Me, Amy Winehouse! “Amy”, Really? You’re going to tell me Amy Winehouse reads Gravy and Biscuits? And out of all the gossip rags and websites who bash you on a ...

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New to DVD: August 19, 2008


Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Fashion victim Pettigrew becomes the social secretary to a crazy actress who actually infuses the listless old maid’s life with some much-needed glam. [Rated PG-13] Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour Miley Cyrus is truly, truly, truly outrageous as Hannah Montana in her new concert movie that is rumored to already ...

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