First Account of Girlfriend-Stabber Shelley Malil

Shelley Malil

If you have never read comedienne Suzy Soro‘s blog, you are really missing out. Soro is an actress and comic who has played with just about everyone and even had a guest-starring role on Seinfeld. I just adore her and her delightful bitchings, and you should too! Here’s an excerpt from her blog from when she met Shelley Malil, the ...

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Jeff ‘Stage Dad’ Archuleta Banned From ‘American Idol’ Backstage

Jeff Archuleta

Jeff Archuleta, father of 17-year-old singing prodigy and American Idol contestant David Archuleta, will not be allowed on the backstage of American Idol for the two remaining weeks. Jeff Archuleta has been accused of interfering with the goings on back stage (with the main catalyst being a lyric change) and will no longer be allowed to accompany David during rehearsals ...

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Indie Music Interviews: Kira Roessler of Dos


Indie Music Interviews: Kira Roessler of Dos It has been 15 years, since Kira Roessler and Mike Watt’s two-bass tag team Dos have released a full-length album. The last installment in the Dos discography was in 1996, with their third full-length release on Kill Rock Stars, entitled Justamente Tres. Both bass players lead very busy lives outside of Dos, amidst ...

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Scrambled Eggs and Sausage Links

Bollywood’s Top Ten Sexiest Actresses Video (Gunaxin) Top TV Theme Songs of the 90s (Ice Ice Babies) Happy 20th Birthday, Super Soaker (Sharapova’s Thigh) Shahar Peer Denied Access to Dubai (The World of Isaac) Odd Jobs: Here is your sign (9 to Fried) Our Burning Questions for A-Rod (HHR) Flaming shots gone wrong (Afrojacks) Proof the Rich Got Richer: $8 ...

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American Idol Results 2-22-08

Who Got Voted off American Idol

Tonight was the first voter-determined elimination for the Top 24 of American Idol 7.  As two girls and two guys were sent home, we are left with twenty contestants until next week. The two girls to go home were Joanne Borgella and Amy Davis, while the two boys were Garrett Haley and Colton Berry.  The only real surprise was Colton ...

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