Jebbica, Where in the Heck are You?!

Hey all, just wanted to let you guys know that I am, in fact, still alive!  Thank you everyone who has sent emails asking me if I had died. Only the part of me that felt it necessary to blog my life away, my friends (OMG, I just said “my friends”. How very John McCain of me!).

So, I moved, and every couple of days something major happens. I still haven’t finished unpacking. As much as I love my new house, I can’t get it into my head that my living room no longer has to be my dining room, kitchen, office, and spare bedroom. I have actual designated areas for those now! And still, here I am, taking a quick blog on the couch with my nighttime meal.

I have a new job. It requires me to travel one hour each way for not too much pay. But, I get to work with animals and participate in that whole human interaction thing I keep hearing so much about, so it’s quite rewarding.  I’m taking tests on off days and filling out applications to get back into school. It’s been long enough; I think I’m ready. And people close to me keep passing away, young and old. Funerals aren’t fun, no matter how many you go to.  Suddenly, the gossip world just doesn’t seem so important anymore. Well, it never seemed that important to begin with, but there are always things about it that are funny in my opinion and can be a fun escape from real life.  But when it becomes an obsession to break gossip and eat sleep and breathe it and never get to see the sunlight or take a drive through the country (even though there’s no gas for 50 miles anywhere and what you do find is $5 a gallon!), it’s just too much for me. You’ll still see me around I think once I get adjusted to the new work schedule and maybe get a Blackberry (Dear Blackberry! You know you want to hook me up with a Blackberry Curve 8310 Red! I will plug the hell out of it!) or something, Gravy and Biscuits will hopefully and finally be a reliable source for a good laugh.  Because it’s going to get out of that “ehh” stage, I can promise you that! But right now, I have to focus on all the new things happening in my own life before I can think about whose breasts are fake and who has mugshots and who’s getting married/divorced/etc.  Don’t be mad! I love you all and miss you!



PS: GO CUBS!!!!!!!!

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