Have Questions for this Season’s American Idol Top 3? Here’s Your Chance!

American Idol Top 3

Do you have questions you’d like to ask David Cook, David Archuleta, or Syesha Mercado? Well now, you have the opportunity to get them answered by this season’s American Idol finalists themselves!

As you probably know, one of my jobs is working for Idol Mania, which covers all things American IdolIdol Mania has teamed up with TV Guide, and next week TV Guide is going to take some of the questions asked by fans on Idol Mania’s website and use them in their interview for the final three.  I still have to think of what I’m going to ask!  So, head on over to Idol Mania and send in your questions, or comment here and I will relay them.   All questions need to be submitted  prior to Monday May, 26, 2008 and we will keep you updated when the final interview is released!

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